We search all over to find products that best represent the “Wyoming Way of Life”. Below are examples of such products. If you saw something in store or on the website that is no longer there please email us at

Spoon Charm Bracelets by Vintage Revival
Each bracelet is hand crafted and one of a kind. Please email us at if you have questions about our full inventory.
Bronc Spoon Bracelet
Add a western flair to your daily look with this bracelet.





Bronc Charm Bracelet with Horseheads

This bracelet is embellished with hand cast silver charms and hand set turquoise hearts. Each bracelet is a unique piece of art.
Roper Charm Bracelet
Hand cast silver roper charm and hand set china cowboy charm are the highlight of this unique bracelet. The simple yet elegant spoons make this piece great for every day wear.

Spoon Bracelet :

Rosewood Citron
617-0290560100 Rosewood Citron Home Fragrance Mist $17.00
617-0290360100 Rosewood Citron Hand Wash $13.00
617-0290340100 Rosewood Citron Hand Cream $18.00
617-0290300100 Rosewood Citron Body Lotion $25.00
617-0290280100 Rosewood Citron Hand Lotion $14.00
617-0290270100 Rosewood Citron Whipped Body Cream $30.00
617-0290110100 Rosewood Citron Body Wash $21.00
617-0290070100 Rosewood Citron Bubble Bath $32.00
617-0290050100 Rosewood Citron Bar Soap $15.00

Rosewood Citron :

Tiare Monoi
617-0770280100 Tiare Monoi Hand Lotion $14.00
617-0770270100 Tiare Monoi Whipped Body Cream $30.00
617-0770110100 Tiare Monoi Body Wash $21.00
617-0770070100 Tiare Monoi Bubble Bath $32.00
617-0770560100 Tiare Monoi Home Fragrance Mist $17.00
617-0770360100 Tiare Monoi Hand Wash $13.00
617-0770340100 Tiare Monoi Hand Cream $18.00
617-0770300100 Tiare Monoi Body Lotion $25.00
617-0290560100 Tiare Monoi Bar Soap $15.00

Tiare Monoi :

Jade Matcha:
617-0200360100 Jade Matcha Hand Wash $13.00
617-0200340100 Jade Matcha Hand Cream $18.00
617-0200300100 Jade Matcha Body Lotion $25.00
617-0200280100 Jade Matcha Hand Lotion $14.00
617-0200110100 Jade Matcha Body Wash $21.00
617-0200050100 Jade Matcha Bar Soap $15.00
617-0200560100 Jade Matcha Home Fragrance Mist $17.00
617-0200420100 Jade Matcha Bath Oil $32.00
617-0200400100 Jade Matcha Body Scrub $28.00

Jade Matcha Spa Product :


Temple Tree Jasmine whispers an ethereal beauty. Soft light shimmers across a sheer veil of fragrant elegance. Soothing Madonna lily extract and velvety monoi butter indulge the skin with nourishing moisture. A moment of delicate reverie, pure and sublime, that’s perfect to share—or savor.

Jasmine Thymes :


We haven’t forgotten about the guys! Here are some great products for the fellas!

3pc Men’s Sterling Silver and Turquoise Set includes:
Bolo Tie, Watch, & Buckle: $1,200.00
Sterling Silver Cuff Links by Thomas Hawk $115.00
Gear Body Wash: $14.00

For the Guys :


Girl’s Jewelry :


Boy’s Toys :


When words aren’t enough give a Willow Tree®  figurine. Each figurine has a sweet sentiment that is sure to delight the person receiving it. Click on the options box below for ordering. Items are listed in order as they appear in image (left to right, top to bottom).

Together: $33.00
Home: $34.00
Anniversary: $33.00
With Love: $17.00
Je T’aime: $29.0
Always: $23.00

Willow Tree® Love Figurines :


Montana Silversmith combines western and traditional styles to create unique jewelry for everyday wear.
Silver Gold Filigree Heart Earrings: ON SALE $24.50
Rope & Balls Heart Earrings: $30.00
Silver Heart Cross Necklace: $52.00
Silver Roped Open Heart: $40.00

Montana Silversmith Hearts :

KissedbyNature 245

Kissed by Nature is an all natural product made in neighboring Colorado. Each fragrance is a soothing combination of scents that take relaxation to the next level!
Soap: $8.50
Bath Tea: $6.50
Body Spray Lotion: $19.00
Body Butter: $15.00


Kissed by Nature :

Nambé Butterfly Bowl
Item Number: 1888-567
Price: $100.00

Back Row Left to Right
Item Number: 987-JS1132
Description: Hanging Bar Necklace & Earring Set
Price: $68.00

Item Number: 987-BA1032
Description: Crystal Shine Barrette
Price: $42.00


Front Row Left to Right
Item Number: 987-PKWatchBucking
Description: Bucking Horse Pocket Watch
Price: $125.00

Item Number: 987-MCL23-99CXS
Description: Christian Cowboy Money Clip two tone
Price: $53.00

Item Number: 987-MCL1238
Description: Money/Card Holder
Price: $65.00

Montana Silversmith :

Willow Tree® Family Figurines

1 – Description: Mother & Son
Item Number: 1603-26102
Price: $31.00

2 – Description: Father & Son
Item Number: 1603-26030
Price: $31.00

3 – Description: My Girls
Item Number: 1603-26232
Price: $33.00

4 – Description: Together
Item Number: 1603-26032
Price: $33.00

5 – Description: Mother & Daughter
Item Number: 1603-26021
Price: $31.00

6 – Description: My Sister My Friend
Item Number: 1603-27095
Price: $33.00

7 – Description: With My Grandmother
Item Number: 1603-26244
Price: $31.00

8 – Description: Generations
Item Number: 1603-26167
Price: $34.00

9 – Description: With My Grandfather
Item Number: 1603-26058
Price: $29.00

Willow Tree® Family Figurine :

143142  144


Cowboy Values
Item Number: 558-9781599212715
Price: $30.00

Cowboy Ethics
Item Number: 558-9781931153959
Price: $25.00

Great Ranches of the West
Item Number: 558-9780971335516
Price: $49.95

Wyoming, Wild & Beautiful II
Item Number: 558-9781560372462
Price: $29.95


FE Warren Air Force Base: History & Influence on Cheyenne and Wyoming
Item Number: 1635-9725-1
Price: $21.99

Cheyenne Frontier Days: History of the Daddy of ‘Em All
Item Number: 1635-CFD
Price: $21.99

Blood on the Moon: Tom Horn the Dark History of the Murderous Cattle Detective **Regional Best Seller
Item Number: 700-1
Price: 19.95


Books :


Description: 32 Strand Heishe Shell Necklace
Item Number: 1423-1042
Price: $496.00

Kingman Turquoise Pendant
Item Number: 1423-1311
Price: $670.00

Kingman Turquoise & Silver Bracelet
Item Number: 1423-1125
Price: $690.00

Kingman Turquoise Earrings
Item Number: 1423-1310
Price: $330.00

Two Grey Hills Jewelry :



Thomas Singer Men’s Watch
Item Number: 1331-W-1003
Price: $135.00

Tom Hawk Silver Cuff Links
Item Number: 1331-CL-1301
Price: $115.00

Men’s Jewelry :

 160 159

Mary Ann’s Beans has quickly become a local favorite. Her soup mixes, dip packets, and seasonings have been a time saver for many busy families. Her products are all natural with no preservatives as well as gluten free.

Item Number: 1669-10005
Description: Country Curry
Price: $7.25

Item Number: 1669-10013
Description: White Chili
Price: $7.25

Item Number: 1669-10009
Description: Rocky Mountain Cranberry Bean Soup
Price: $7.25

Item Number: 1669-60009
Description: “Dill”icous Dip
Price: $3.00

Item Number: 1669-60010
Description: Jalapeno Ranch Dip
Price: $3.00

Item Number: 1669-60006
Description: Sloppy Joe Mix
Price: $3.00

Mary Ann’s Beans :

Pine Ridge Barbeque Sauce is a great answer for any party food. The three flavors have been a hit at Wyoming Home with customers and employees.

Item Number: 1862-RBBQS
Description: Regular BBQ Sauce
Price: $7.50

Item Number: 1862-SM
Description: Sweet Mustard Sauce
Price: $5.75

Item Number: 1862-JalapenoBBQ
Description: Jalapeno BBQ Sauce
Price: $7.00

Pine Ridge BBQ :

Item Number: 1776-2
Description: Western Lullaby
Price: $18.99

Item Number: 1776-3
Description: Carl & the Mysterious Nibbler
Price: $17.99

Item Number: 1776-1
Description: Jackson Hole Carl
Price: $17.99

Children’s Books :


Item Number: 1823-9780439722377
Description: Stablemate Starlight
Price: $4.99

Item Number: 1823-9780545120975
Description: Stablemate Stormy
Price: $4.99

Item Number: 1823-9780439883368
Description: Stablemate Belle
Price: $4.99

Beginner Reader :

Item Number: 1883-DoeSia
Description: Doe Sia, Bannock Girl and the Handcart Pioneers
Price: $9.00

Item Number:1883-NayaNuki
Description: Naya Nuki, Shoshoni Girl Who Ran
Price: $9.00

Item Number: 1883-SounTetoken
Description: Soun Tetoken, Nez Perce Boy Tames a Stallion
Price: $9.00

Advanced Youth :

Wyoming Home is a proud distributor of Breyer Horses. We love to see the new horses as they arrive as well as seeing the look of joy when a customer finds the perfect horse to add to his or her collection. Here are just a couple of the horses we have at the shop. You are always welcome to call us to see what horses we have in stock.

Item Number: 990-5423
Description: Farmyard Friends
Price: $15.00
Item Number: 990-61057
Description: Barrel Racing Set
Price: $25.00

Item Number: 990-541
Description: Taylor Cowgirl
Price: $17.00
Item Number: 990-536
Description: Austin Cowboy
Price: $17.00
Item Number: 990-1435
Description: Lil Ricky Rocker
Price: $45.00

Breyer Horses :

Item Number: 1563-173-080
Description: Canyon 45″ x 72″ MADE IN THE USA
Colors Available: Cranberry (pictured), Sierra, Carney, Fog, Silver, & Portobello
Price: $80.00

Canyon Throw Colors :


Item Number: 1761-25241
Description: Little Shoppers by Les Ray
Size: 16” x 34” 1000 pieces
Price: $15.00

Item Number: 1761-66829
Description: The Children’s Store by John Seerey-Lester
Size: 20” x 27” 1000 pieces
Price: $15.00

Item Number: 1761-36014
Description: Making Friends by Kathy Goff
Size: 18” x 24” 500 pieces
Price: $12.00

Item Number: 1761-51501
Description: Just Visiting by Persis Clayton Weirs
Size: 18” x 24” 500 pieces
Price: $12.00

Item Number: 1761-33324
Description: Grounds Keepers by Rod Frederick
Size: 12” x 36” 500 pieces
Price: $12.00

Puzzles :

Schrade Knives Top to bottom:
Item Number: 1753-SCWE85
Description: Western Edge Stainless Steel Knife with Scroll Work
Price: 44.00

Item Number: 1753-94OTW
Description: Old Timer Knife Gunstock Trap Ironwood
Price: $29.00

Item Number: 1753-55UH
Description: Uncle Henry Single Locking Blade
Price: $29.00

Item Number: 1753-36OT
Description: Old Timer Saddleman Knife
Price: $23.00

Schrade Knives :

Silver Stag Blades Top to Bottom:

Item Number: 1594-DCT3.5
Description: Damascus 3.5” Blade with Crown Handle
Price: 200.00

Item Number: 1594-AF9.0
Description: Alaska Fillet 9.0” Blade with Crown Handle
Price: $110.00

Item Number: 1594-BG4.0ES
Description: Big Gamer Knife 4.0” Blade with Elk Stick
Price: $116.00

Silver Stag :

Handmade in Cheyenne Top to Bottom:

Item Number: 1903-consigment#1
Description: Water Buffalo, Turquoise and Malachite Handle with Damascus Blade
Price: $295.00

Item Number: 1903-consignment#3
Description: Sheep Horn Handle with Stainless Steel Blade
Price: $230.00

Item Number: 1903-consignment#8
Description: Camel Bone Handle with Stainless Steel Blade
Price: $295.00

Made in Cheyenne :




Item Number: 979-94174
Description: Cowboy Mug
Price: $9.00

Item Number: 1802-WSCBC
Description: Cowboy Coffee 100% Arabica Coffee 1.5oz pkg
Price: $2.50

Item Number: 979-94160
Description: Cowgirl Mug
Price: $9.00

Item Number: 1802-WSCG
Description: Cowgirl Coffee 100% Arabica Coffee with Hazelnut Cream Flavor 1.5oz pkg
Price: $2.50

Item Number: 1461-90200
Description: Foolish: “If you do a foolish thing do it like you mean it!” Mug
Price: $10.00

Item Number: 1802-WSCF
Description: Campfire Coffee 100% Arabica Coffee
Price: $2.50

Coffee & Mugs :

Item Number: 1821-Janis
Description: Janis Handmade Leather Bag
Price: $216.00

Item Number: 1821-SCM1
Description: Handmade Two Tone Leather Bag with Studs and Turquoise Concho
Price: $228.00

Item Number: 1821-SWT
Description: Handmade Hair-on Hide and Leather Shoulder Bag
Price: $250.00

Appaloosa Purses :

Real Red Navajo:
Item Number: 1778-104D/NRR
Description: Salad Bowl Real Red Navajo
Price: $26.00

Item Number: 1778-106D/NRR
Description: Salad 8” Plate Real Red Navajo
Price: $26.00

Item Number: 1778-107D/NRR
Description: Dinner 10.5” Plate Real Red Navajo
Price: $32.00

Not Pictured:
Item Number: 1778-100D/NRR
Description: 14oz Mug Real Red Navajo
Price: $24.00

Item Number: 979-61210
Description: Star/Bead 20pc (4 Placesetting) Flatware
Price: $85.00

Real Red Navajo :

Item Number: 1778-104D-RND-NP-M
Description: Moonscape Salad Bowl
Price: $26.00

Item Number: 1778-513D-SQP-NP-M
Description: Square Salad Plate Moonscape
Price: $30.00

Item Number: 1778-513D-SQP-NP-M
Description: Square Dinner Plate Moonscape
Price: $32.00

Not Pictured:
Item Number: 1778-207OD-LGMUG/NP/MS
Description: 14oz Mug Moonscape
Price: $27.00

Moonscape Square :


Item Number: 1778-207OD-saladbowl/NP/AZ
Description: Salad Bowl Azulscape
Price: $29.00

Item Number: 1778-207OD-saladplate/NP/AZ
Description: Salad 8” Plate Azulscape
Price: $33.00

Item Number: 1778-207OD-dinnerplate/NP/AZ
Description: Dinner 10.5” Plate Azulscape
Price: $35.00

Not Pictured:
Item Number: 1778-207OD-LrgMug/NP/AZ
Description: 14oz Mug Azulscape
Price: $27.00

Azulscape :

Item Number: 802-10LRGST
Description: Large Hand Carved Summer Tanager
Price: $90.00

Item Number: 802-10
Description: Small Hand Carved Eastern Bluebird
Price: $80.00

Item Number: 802-10LRGNO
Description: Large Hand Carved Northern Oriole
Price: $90.00

Hand Carved Birds :

Item Number: 1410-6687
Description: Veneziana Tray with Note Paper
Price: $51.00

Item Number: 1410-6618
Description: Velluto Matte Finish Rectangular Tray
Price: $97.00

Item Number: 1410-6502
Description: Buffalo Rectangular Party Tray
Price: $92.00

Beatriz Ball :


Item Number: 1898-7
Description: Serving Bowl w/Handle
Price: $50.00

Item Number: 1882-TKT79S
Description: Fruit Bowl w/Scalloped Edge
Price: $46.00

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